NEX Giving Day

Many of the values which served us well in the past will help us build a great future for NEX. One of our strongest values is that We are Together.

It's in our DNA to share our success by working with charities and funding projects that benefit people less fortunate than us.

NEX Giving Day is one big day where we make life-changing projects happen and celebrate with our chosen charities and clients.

That big day in 2018 was the 7th June
and £2.3 million was raised around world.


In 2018, donations made as part of NEX Giving Day are funding some incredible Research and Technology projects for charities around the world.


Pan-American Highway Challenge
In addition to the charities nominated by our local offices and listed below, NEX has chosen to support a headline cause nominated by the NEX board of directors. In 2018 this will be Dean Stott's Pan-American Highway Challenge. Dean is a former British Special Forces Soldier who has taken on a record-breaking attempt to cycle the Pan-American Highway in under 117 days and raise £1 million for eight charities that have come together to tackle the stigma which still exists around mental health.


Blue Marine Foundation
Seeks to maintain and restore healthy oceans through creating marine reserves and combating overfishing. To help the foundation analyse the biodiversity (and specifically monitor Whale Sharks) in the local waters around St. Helena, NEX will be funding the installation of 60 remote underwater cameras.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Committed to eradicating type 1 diabetes and its effect on people in the UK. NEX will sponsor the final stage of development for an artificial pancreas that seeks to automatically manage blood sugar levels for diabetes 1 sufferers.

Missing People
Remains the only charity providing a lifeline when someone disappears, and is dedicated to bringing missing children and adults back together with their families. NEX will fund the design and build of a digital support community - a one stop shop for families with a missing loved one.

Ovarian Cancer Action
The UK's leading charity dedicated to beating ovarian cancer. The charity funds research into developing better treatments and screening tools and raises awareness of the disease. NEX will be funding research and development of an ovarian cancer screening tool.

Spinal Research and the Rooprai Spinal Trust
Spinal Research funds medical research around the world to develop effective treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. The Rooprai Spinal Trust provides life-changing physiotherapy to improve the quality of life for those with spinal cord injury. NEX will part fund a clinical trial for electrical spinal cord stimulation to improve motor and autonomic function in individuals suffering from varying degrees of paralysis.

West Ham United Foundation
Provides local community support initiatives to tackle poverty and advance the education of children and young people. As part of the Beckton Community regeneration project, NEX will be sponsoring the development of a technology start-up and social enterprise incubation hub.


Down Syndrome Association
A centre of excellence for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community. They support families through specialist services information and education. NEX will support a Functional Capacity Evaluation - a research programme to apply the principles of assistive technology and occupational therapy in down syndrome patients.

Habitat for Humanity
Mobilises hundreds of volunteer teams for building projects to provide safe homes for the homeless and vulnerable in Asia. NEX will fund the research and development of an Effective Hoarder Intervention Programme.

KKH Health Fund
Assists sick children and women with their medical expenses and consumables. KKHHF also supports research and education programmes that are targeted at improving women's and children's health. The NEX award will support the KKH Health Fund Start-Up Research Grant which was set up to provide funding to deserving translational and clinical research. Translational research is the ability to bring discoveries from the research bench directly to the patients' bedsides. It couples with cutting-edge clinical research, which forms part of their pursuit to save lives by eradicating diseases. All research is conducted within KKH and focuses on diseases that affect women and children.

Make a Wish
Creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. The NEX award will fund wishes that are technology-related, ranging from wishes for laptops or MacBooks to technology-related experiences, and extending to customized power wheelchairs or eye-tracking devices.


Alzheimers France
Funds research into Alzheimers Disease and helps families to cope.

Fédération Française des Associations de Chiens Guides d'Aveugles
Provides mobility for the blind and partially sighted, and supports research and raising awareness and campaigning for the visually impaired.


Fondazione Serena
A clinical centre designed to respond specifically to the needs of those suffering from neuromuscular diseases.

Telefono Azzurro
Promotes respect for the rights of children and adolescents, protecting them from abuse and violence and supporting the recovery and well-being of those who have experienced abuse.


Mission Arm Japan
Provides a community for individuals with limb disorders, as well as adopts latest technology to enhance the living standards of people who have undergone amputation.

SBI Children's Hope Foundation
Supports abused children, specifically focused on improving their welfare facilities.

Sodateage NET
Connects youth to society and society to youth.


The Montreal Children's Hospital
Provides the highest quality healthcare to infants, children and teenagers.

Sick Kids
Provides the best in family-centred, compassionate care, leads in scientific and clinical advancement, and prepares the next generation of leaders in child health.

New York

Adam Gaynes Foundation (AGF)
Dedicated to raising money for the care, comfort, happiness, education and cure of children diagnosed with a terminal illness. NEX funding will enable a research project at Children's Hospital at Montefiore to study the effects of Virtual Reality on stress and pain management in paediatric patients.

Armed Services Arts Partnership
Helps veterans, service members, and military families reintegrate into their communities through the arts. NEX funding will enable the charity to implement an ongoing monitoring and evaluation programme to consider the success of their activities to drive improvements and better support academic research in this area.

Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)
Provides opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. The Challenged Athletes Foundation believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life. The NEX donation will enable approximately one hundred children, injured military and others who are amputees, paralyzed or blind to be fitted with the latest adaptive sports technologies.

Day One
Provides direct services to more than 75,000 New York City's youth on dating violence: how to identify and maintain healthy relationships and obtain legal protection when necessary. NEX funding will enable the charity to move from being paper-based to an online community, reaching more individuals through implementing a social media and web based support hub.

Many Hopes
Rescues children from poverty and abuse and raises them with an imagination for justice and the tools to act on it, educating local children to solve the problems that charity alone cannot. Many Hopes has opened a school that will eventually educate 900 children. NEX funding will source and maintain two computer labs to support the education programme for year one.

Tutoring Chicago
Provides free one-to-one tutoring and mentoring to economically disadvantaged children in grades 1 to 6. To further enable their vision for growth and reach 1,100 students per week, NEX funding will enable the development of an app, a video conferencing facility and a volunteer retention market survey.


Barncancer Fonden
Works to fight childhood cancer and ensures that affected children and their families receive the care and the support they need.

Håll Sverige Rent
Combats littering on land and at sea, mainly via engaging schools, municipalities and civil society in various activities.

Help to Help
Creates possibilities for sustainable poverty reduction by addressing problems related to education and unemployment on a grass-root level.

Tel Aviv

Atid Yohana Jabotinsky Youth Village
Helps promote high tech projects and courses to children that come from an underprivileged background and prepare them for the 21st century. We want to open a cutting-edge environment with state-of-the-art equipment that can be a place where children can learn and challenge their skills.

The Haruv Institute
The leading body in Israel and one of the world leaders in training and research in the field of abused and neglected children.

House of Wheels
Increases the connection and dialogue between people with disabilities and the rest of the population.

Women's Spirit (Ruach Nashit)
Helps women survivors of violence to rebuild their lives through employment and financial independence.


Provides inpatient and outpatient care for children diagnosed with a terminal illness.

DKMS is dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. Their mission is to provide a matching donor for all blood cancer patients who need a blood stem cell donation.


Works to help break the stigma of mental health, promoting wellness and positive living for young people through awareness and early education.

Sir David Martin Foundation
Helps to rehabilitate young people in crisis. They help get young people off the streets, away from unhealthy situations and into care and rehabilitation.

Hong Kong

Campaigns to end cataract blindness, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Through partnerships with hundreds of surgeons in nearly a dozen countries, along with cutting-edge technology and training, we are building a sustainable solution to this health crisis.

Karen Leung Foundation
The Karen Leung Foundation's mission is to save lives by reducing the impact of gynaecological cancers in Hong Kong. We envision a world where women have every opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives free from gynaecological cancers.


Children's Joy Foundation
Provides children in the Philippines with various residential services, medical, psychosocial, educational support and emergency assistance to harness their potentials in community and nation building.

Robert Wagner Foundation
Supplies rural government elementary schools throughout the Philippines, beginning on Mindanao, with modern educational equipment, food and clothing.